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Valéry Cahan. The eye of the "tandem".

Photography and travel are her passions... She excels at researching locations. On the very ground, she knows how to capture the slightest movement and can feel any unsuspected presence : from the fleeting shadow of a black-tipped shark in the Maldives water, to a fox hidden in the grass on a hill at the Magdalen islands, to a baby seal crouched among ice-blocks... Thanks to her tenacity, to her keen sense of observation, the tandem (pair, duo)- have been allowed to take their best shots. Wherever underwater or on land, she loves being ont the watch and maldly needs share whatever she has discovered... Her key-words are :"come and see..." Valéry shoots raver sparingly. She'd rather be contemplating and always feels delighted at -for instance- a green blade of grass on a rock, or at a piece of driftwood on a snowy beach. As far as Valéry is concerned, a journey-trip- is always still to come. She loves surfing the Internet, imagining new tours, unknown places either in the very middle of nature, or in urban areas... She doesn't mind ! 

Her daily goal : maker her dreams alive and never stop being filled with wonder.

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 Geneviève Chrétien, Gene : on the lookout.

In passion with nature, travelling and picturesn she can't but take photos.Underwater, just bearing e brething tube, she can spend hours watching, scrtinizing, admiring... Whatever site, she is pretty sure to see something exceptional underwater. in the Mediterranean, for instance, she's fallen in love with the blenny sphynx renamed "Indian". She is still moved at the thought of her witnessing a cuttlefish bridal dance by the sea-walls, in Carnon. Gene keeps shooting photos on land as well. She takes great care of them as precious traces all those exceptional meetings that have made her cry for joy, as she did, last winter, when she met with a young seal on one of Magdalen islands beaches, although the temperature showed minus 25° plus gusts of wind galore ! But Gene, overjoyed as she was, kept shooting photos without bothering about her shoes soaked by glacial waves leaking them ! As far as Gene is concerned, trips never end. She loves Working and re-drawing her pictures to give them a nex life !

Her goal today, keep being filled with wonder and share the "magic" of all these meetings. 

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